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Pollyanna (Eleanor H. Porter) - 「少女パレアナ」- 49冊目

ジャンル: 小説(児童)
英語難易度: ★☆☆
オススメ度: ★★★★☆

  TVアニメ「愛少女ポリアンナ物語」の原作。(1913年発刊)    かつて「赤毛のアン」の村岡花子さんが邦訳を手掛けていた。  そう言えば、現実に満たされない事を想像力で補おうとする所とか、敵意に満ちた相手をより大きな心で包み込んで最後には自分の友達にしてしまう所など、本作のテイストは少しアンに似ているかも。


●  "I know; but you're HELPING it—don't you see?—and of course you're glad to help it! And so that makes you the gladdest of any of us, all the time." The doctor's eyes filled with sudden hot tears. The doctor's life was a singularly lonely one. 


●  Pollyanna laughed softly again. She turned luminous eyes on her aunt. "Well, you see, since I have been hurt, you've called me 'dear' lots of times—and you didn't before. I love to be called 'dear'—by folks that belong to you, I mean. Some of the Ladies' Aiders did call me that; and of course that was pretty nice, but not so nice as if they had belonged to me, like you do. Oh, Aunt Polly, I'm so glad you belong to me!" 

  Aunt Polly did not answer. Her hand was at her throat again. Her eyes were full of tears. She had turned away and was hurrying from the room through the door by which the nurse had just entered.


   本作でパレアナが行うGlad Game (良かった探し遊び) について現実逃避と揶揄する人もいるが、辛い中にも喜びを見出せる力は才能だと思う。ただ我々日本人の感覚でいくと少しシツコイ感じもあるが… 町のみんながパレアナの事を思いやるラストへの盛り上がりは感動的です。


Pollyanna (English Edition)

Pollyanna (English Edition)

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